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Avondale JC 8 May 2015 - R 2 (instigating a protest)

Created on 11 May 2015

ADooley (chair)
Ms K Taylor - Trainer of PLAYBOY PRINCE
Mr L Winters - Trainer or DON'T STOP ME KNOW
Information Number:
Horse Name:
Persons present:
Mr R Norvall - rider of PLAYBOY PRINCE
Ms A Jones - Rider of DON'T STOP ME NOW
Mr N Harris - Apprentice Jockey Mentor
Mr M Williamson -Stipendiary Steward

Following the running of race 2, 1200, an Information was filed Instigating a Protest pursuant to Rule 642(1). The Informant, Mr L Winters, alleged that PLAYBOY PRINCE placed 1st by the Judge interfered with the chances of DON’T STOP ME NOW placed 3rd by the Judge.

The interference was alleged to have occurred in the final straight.

The Judge's placing were as follows:

2nd No. 15 MARCIANO
3rd No. 6   DON’T STOP ME NOW
4th No. 5   DIVERGENT

The official margin between 1st and 2nd was a long head and between 2nd and 3rd was a head.

Rule 642(1) states: “If a placed horse or its rider causes interference within the meaning of this rule 642 to another placed horse, and the Judicial Committee is of the opinion that the horse so interfered with would have finished ahead of the first mentioned horse had such interference not occurred, they may place the first mentioned horse immediately after the horse interfered with”.

All connections present acknowledged they understood the Rule.

Submissions For Decision:

Mr Winters submitted that Ms Jones was going for a gap just inside the 200 metres when PLAYBOY PRINCE took its running line. He said this resulted in Ms Jones moving in 2 horse widths to get a run.

Ms Jones submitted that she had gone for a gap on her outside when PLAYBOY PRINCE moved in and made contact with her mount. She said this cost her about 1 length.

Mr Norvall submitted just before the interference occurred he had stopped riding his horse as it was proving to be difficult. He acknowledged when his mount ducked in that some contact occurred. However, he believed Ms Jones’ mount came out towards his mount and she did not stop riding forward. He identified that PLAYBOY PRINCE had come from behind DON’T STOP ME NOW to win the race.

Ms Taylor submitted that PLAYBOY PRINCE did duck in near the 200 metres but it did not cost DON’T STOP ME NOW any momentum. She added that PLAYBOY PRINCE was finishing the better at the finish.

Mr Williamson on behalf of the Stewards submitted that clear interference occurred near the 200 metres when PLAYBOY PRINCE was hanging in. He said Ms Jones had not established herself in the gap when PLAYBOY PRINCE moved in when both horses were going for the same gap. He identified that initially Ms Jones did shift out prior to shifting back inside Ms Collett’s mount. He believed the protest did have some merit but was of the opinion that Ms Jones’ mount did not lose momentum and Mr Williamson submitted there should be no change to the placings.

Mr Winters was given the opportunity to add anything new and had nothing further to say.

Ms Taylor was given the opportunity to add anything new and had nothing further to say.

Reasons For Decision:

The Committee carefully considered all evidence and submissions presented and reviewed the video films several times. The first part of rule 642(1) requires a Committee to determine if any interference occurred. We established when reviewing the head – on film that PLAYBOY PRINCE and DON’T STOP ME NOW were both heading for the same gap when PLAYBOY PRINCE ducked in near the 200 metres. We note there was slight movement outward by Ms Collett’s mount just prior to the incident. This resulted in Ms Jones changing ground back to the inside of Ms Collett’s mount. In our opinion the interference was minimal.

The Committee then had to be satisfied that, free of interference, DON’T STOP ME NOW would have beaten PLAYBOY PRINCE. We do not believe the incident resulted in Ms Jones losing any momentum. After the interference had occurred DON’T STOP ME NOW was at least half a length in front of PLAYBOY PRINCE. It is significant that over the final 150 metres PLAYBOY PRINCE came from behind DON’T STOP ME NOW and clearly finished the stronger of the two horses.

After taking into account all the above factors the Committee is not satisfied that DON’T STOP ME NOW would have beaten PLAYBOY PRINCE had such interference not occurred.


Accordingly the protest is dismissed and the Judge's placing’s shall stand. In conclusion we order the payment of stakes and dividends.

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