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09 Jul 2020
Invercargill-Hrc - R1

Invercargill HRC 9 July 2020 - R 6 - Chair, Mr P Knowles

Created on 13 July 2020

PKnowles (chair)
Mr Tristan Larsen - Junior Horseman
Mr Kirk Larsen - Senior Horseman - Assisting Mr T Larsen
Mr V Munro - Stipendiary Steward
Miss R Haley - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Contravention of the whip regulations

Mr Tristan Larsen (JABALI) was charged with a breach of r 869 (2) and the Whip Regulations (b) in that he used his whip excessively in Race 6. Mr Larsen admitted the breach and appeared at the hearing assisted by Mr K Larsen.

Miss Haley, with the use of the videos, stated JABALI was the leading horse on the pole line as the field entered the final 400 metres. Mr Larsen was observed to use his whip in an excessive manner from inside the 400 metres to the finish line. Mr Munro stated Mr Larsen used his whip 13 times. There was a mixture of whip in rein hand, whip free of the rein, including a backhander. He did attempt to break up the whip use but it was still excessive.

Mr T Larsen stated, having watched the video replay that he was over the 10 strike limit. Mr K Larsen said the first few strikes were soft and not forceful.


Mr T Larsen admitted the breach and it is found proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Munro stated Mr T Larsen was in his first full season of driving and had had 35 drives this season. He had been warned about his whip use at Winton on March 21st this year. This was his first offence under the rule and he sought the mandatory fine of $200. Mr T Larsen accepted the submissions of the Stewards.

Reasons For Penalty:

Mr T Larsen had an excellent record and a fine at the lower end of the scale is appropriate.


Mr T Larsen is fined $200.

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